Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mars Volta & John Waters on The Henry Rollins Show.

Anyone catch the Henry Rollins shoe on IFC? It's back this Friday with The Mars Volta and John Waters! In this week's Teeing Off, Henry sees a direct link between the Army developing video games for kids and the possibility of an Army draft in the future. John Waters sits down to talk to Henry about his oeuvre of sleaze and his battle with the movie ratings board over sexually explicit content. In this installment of Letters from Henry, Henry asks Toby Keith why he tries to promote a blue-collar cycle of boozing and borrowing money to sell records. And, The Mars Volta, in an extremely rare television appearance, perform an uncut, unabridged version of Day of the Baphoments off their album, Amputechture. The Mars Volta also perform another song "Tetragrammaton" exclusively on

Exclusive, Web-only Mars Volta band interview Here.
For more info and please check out IFC.

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