Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Gorillaz "Autobiagraphy"

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Penguin books are thrilled to announce the publication, later this year, of the autobiography of Gorillaz. Written by all four members of the band, the autobiography will give Murdoc, Noodle, 2D and Russel Hobbs the opportunity to tell the whole of their remarkable story so far.

Following the massive success of the music, website, animation and live shows, the stunningly illustrated full colour hardback marks a new direction for the groundbreaking band. Full of new and unseen material, Gorillaz' autobiography will say more about them than ever before, putting flesh on the bones of a unique musical adventure. There's never been a rock autobiography like this before. And there probably won't be another one.

The book will be published in the UK in October. The imprint's Publishing Director, Rowland White says: 'Gorillaz will be right at home. Penguin has a long history of commitment to innovative design and Gorillaz' book will be a proud addition to that. With the imagination and invention that have characterised Gorillaz evident on every page, the autobiography will be the definitive visual record.' Gorillaz bass-slayer Murdoc Nicalls is equally excited: "I tell you what, right, I can guarantee you're going to get some real juicy bits of Gorillaz info. I'll probably slag off loads of people, too. It'll be packed full of great shots from the sets of our videos, gigs, rehearsals, interviews…you name it. It's all in there. So place your order up front kids, this book's going to be a scorcher!"

Penguin acquired World Rights for the title and it will be published in America by their Riverhead imprint.

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