Tuesday, May 9, 2006


What a fucking disgraceful, glorified whore.
I heard from a friend today that she is actually asking everyone on her friends list to send her $1 so she can - GET THIS - TAPE THE DOLLAR BILLS ON HER WALL AS WALL PAPER.
She has a million friends, a dollar per friend - u do the math.
I am so fucking furious right now.
People absolutely are abusing their power, and its disgusting.
There are families out there who are hungry.
There are Hurricane victims who can't afford to rebuild their homes.
There are PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING FROM DISEASES LIKE, CYSTIC FIBROSIS, bc there isnt enough research out there to help stop the disease.
So rather than donate money to a worthy cause
Or help out a family in need
She is going to fucking tape money to her wall.
And if u honestly believe for a SECOND that she is actually not going to spend that Million dollars - your an idiot.
Im sure she will post a few bills up and take pix so she can show all her myspace friends - but after that - shes going to the bank.
I am officially boycotting Tila.
What a fucking tramp...

(for those of you who dont know who she is...heres her
Myspace Profile

Update 5/17/06: She took that blog down finally!! What a fake ass whore.

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