Monday, April 24, 2006

The Duke Spirits gear was stolen in Portland. Please help!

The Duke Spirit are on the road right now and have encountered a serious problem. their gear was just stolen in portland. see below. if you're an ebay addict, please keep an eye out for their stuff. if you live in the pacific northwest and want to loan them stuff or even just give them a hug, then get in touch via their myspace

Hello friends around the world,we could really do with your help right now :This morning between 5am and 8.30 am our van was broken into in the "secure, with security guard" car park of the Doug Fir Lonuge hotel and venue in Portland, Oregon.The following stuff was stolen, leaving us broke, sad and not really able to play tonight or at all for that matter. If you kindred spirits out there could keep an eye on Ebay to see if these stolen things appear, then let us know, and in the mean time if you are from Portland/Seattle area and want to donate gear for a performance we would be truly blessed.1 x 1979 Sunburst Fender Precision Bass1 x Olympic White Fender Jazzmaster1 x 1966 White Fender Jaguar, with mottled tortoise-shell red scratch plate1 x Fender Deluxe reverb Amp, 1x12 speaker. NewPEDALS!!! - FENDER BLENDER, 1 Mxr DISTORTION, 2 x Rat Pedal, 3x Boss Tuning pedals, 1x Big Muff fuzz, 1x FullTone SoulBender, Coloursound Wah Wah, 1x MXR micro AmpOlly's Paste 2002 Cymbals - in heavy 26" black flight case with meatl edging, crap metal handle with tape all round itALL THE GUITARS Are in Red DUKE SPIRIT FLIGHT CASES

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